30 Days LUST

Bartosz Grudziecki, Pia Hellenthal

TV-series, 2024


30 Days of Lust (8 x half hour) follows high school sweethearts Freddy (Linda Blümchen) and Zeno (Simon Steinhorst), both about to turn thirty. A daring experiment puts a long-term relationship to the test: Freddy and Zeno agree to 30 days of sex with whomever they want. Throughout the experiment, awkward dates and bizarre encounters create suspicion between them, while moments of tenderness emerge amidst the emotional rollercoaster. As day 30 + 1 approaches, the question remains: Has the experiment brought them closer, or has it been too much to ask? The melancomedy offers a highly relatable exploration of navigating life when you’re almost thirty and the journey of self-discovery still proves elusive.


Series Mania 2024
– International Panorama Competition



Linda Blümchen
Simon Steinhorst

Cora Kneisz
David Vormweg
Samia Chancrin
Ugur Kaya
Nairi Hadodo
Seyneb Saleh
Caroline Hellwig
Paul Wollin
Lou von Gündell
Julia Riedler
Timocin Ziegler
Jan Henrik Stahlberg
Adam Hoya
Nina Petri
Wolfram Koch
Božidar Kocevski
Claudia Kottal
Teresa Harder
Sebastian Blomberg
Jakob Spiegler
Mike Zaka Sommerfeldt
Daria Kleyn
Malik Blumenthal
Kim Hoss
Robert Mika
Katja Uffelmann


Directors –
Pia Hellenthal
Bartosz Grudziecki

Head Writer –
Bartosz Grudziecki

Writers’ Room –
Mercedes Lauenstein, Carolina Zimmermann, Berthold Wahjudi, Karla Kristóbal, Marie Sturm, Pia Hellenthal

Production –

TV Broadcaster –

Funded by –
FFF Bayern
MFG Baden-Württemberg

World Sales –

Casting –
Liza Stutzky Casting

DoP –
Sabine Panossian
Janis Mazuch

Film editors –
Elena Schmidt
Carolin Heinz

Production Design –
Verena Barros de Oliveira

Costume Design –
Franziska Karg

Make-up –
Heidi Wick

Sound –
Philip Hutter


Production –

Length –
8 x 30 min.