Something Quite Special (WT)

Director: Eva Trobisch

Feature, tba


The summer palace of a German provincial town is being expensively renovated, the neighbourhoods around it are decaying. Only the white peacock from the palace garden gets lost in it.
“Who are you and what makes you special?” Lea is asked by the EB team of a casting show. She doesn’t know. And she begins to search for a suitable self, while dead bats under cake bells cause uncertainty in her family’s hotel.

It’s a family story. And a melange.


Author and director –
Eva Trobisch

Production –

In Coproduction with –
if… Productions

TV Broadcaster –
ZDF Kino-Koproduktion

Funded by –
FFF Bayern, BKM, MDM

DoP –
Adrian Campean

Editor –
Laura Lauzemis

Production Design –
Renate Schmaderer

Costume Design –
Waris Klampfer

Make-Up –
Nina Düffort

Sound –
Philip Hutter

Casting –
Susanne Ritter
Jacqueline Rietz